Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center at Bang Sai
  Held at the end of January or the beginning of February. In the festival,you can enjoy the
cultural shows and entertainments. You can also buy crafts and folk products.
Songkarn's Festival
  The festival is held in April in front of the Buddhist Image Hall of Phra the
festival, there are the traditional parades of Ayutthaya people, bathing Buddha image ceremony for
imitative Phra Mongkholbopit and the contest of Miss Songkarn.
Ceremony for teachers and ovens
  This is the ceremony for teachers of the "Aranyik" knife smiths performed in Ban Bhodi,
Ban Phai Nong and Ban Salai of Tha Chang Sub-district, Nakhon Laung District.
  The ancestors of these villagers were the Vientianes settling in Ayutthaya since Rattanakosin
period. They were goldsmiths and blacksmiths. Later, they do not work as goldsmiths but still are the
blacksmiths producing especially knives, swords, weapons and other equipments. The products are
sold in Arayik Village, Paktha Sub-district, Tha Rua District. Thus the knives are called "Aranyik" knives.
All villagers in Thachang Village still preserve the "Ceremony for Ovens" held on the early morning of
Thursday of 7th kham and 9th kham etc. of waxing moon in the fifth month (during April - May) to
recall the kindness of teachers, enhance the prosperity and get rid of any danger, which may be
caused to the blacksmiths.
Loi Krathong (Festival of Lights) and Traditional Boat Racing
  It is celebrated in at the end of November every year at the Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and
Crafts Centre. There are a variety of contests such as the Miss Nopamart beauty contest, Krathong
(float) contest, traditional lantern contest, folk entertainment performances and boat racing
competition as well as local food and products fairs.
Ayutthaya World Heritage Site Celebration
  Ayutthaya was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 13 December 1991.
Each year Ayutthaya celebrates this for seven days in month December with many interesting
activities such as folk entertainment and Thai cultural performances as well as light and sound
presentation of Ayutthaya's history.